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Subject:newbie requests

I'm pretty new to this. My network download to my HP c3000 was flawless the
second try, apparently my connection burped or something on the first. But
I'm having some
problems. I tried w3b the web-browser but it didn't really come up with a
gui web interface just text-is that normal? I noticed that gnome was in a
directory (etc?) but when I ls'd it it said it wasn't a directory and when I
used the name (gnome) it did not run. Secondly I sort of messed up when the
interactive part of the program was creating the kernal I chose 32bit
instead of 64, I realized my mistake shortly but not shortly enough. What is
the difficulty level of rebuilding to 64bit. And lastly for now is there an
x11 version that installed, or rather was included with the mini-iso
download?  If you want to know what my hardware is it is:
HP c3000 Visualise
single 400MHz PA8500 microprocessor in the workstation
RJ45, Twisted Pair 10 BaseT/100 BaseT
9.0 GB Hard Disk Drive Wide Ultra2, 2 swapable slots SCA
Ricoh MP 7040A cd/rw 8x
Visualize FX2 graphics
1024 MB RAM
Thanks Brian Becker.

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