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Re: install on j5600

Hi Grand,

I had a similar problem on my J6000, I tried the drivers one/one and
could not get the network.
I rebooted,  loading only tulip driver, and it worked well.


Grant Grundler wrote:

On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 03:21:02PM -0500, Michael Caldwell wrote:

Has anyone successfully installed on a J5600? I am trying to install
over the network (booting from a CD)... but I am having trouble with
the network interface. It is recognized during boot but it seems like
the driver is not functioning correctly. I can configure the interface
with 'ifconfig' but I can neither send nor receive packets.

Can you capture send console output?
If not, don't worry about it...
I don't understand why the core 100BT wouldn't work.
Very likely some issue with the media table.

BTW, did you try the "linux26" option in the debian installer?
ISTR there being an option to use a 2.6 kernel instead.
You might have better luck with that.

a dead NIC... that was working fine under HPUX when this server was
taken out a commission a few weeks ago. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. I do not have prior experience with the HPPA

You might try adding in different 100BT card and using that
until you can install an upgraded/newer kernel.
DEC21143 (tulip) and Intel 8255x (eepro100) are known to
work under parisc linux in general.


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