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Problem Installing Debian 3.0r1 on HP Visualize C3700 workstation

Hi there --
I am experimenting with Debian 3.0r1 and have a Visualize C3700 workstation. I
have downloaded 
the HPPA images and have gone through the motions of installing the operating
system. What happens
is the following:

I insert the CD into the system and interrupt the boot process. I then run a
SEArch on the system
for the appropriate drives. The CD-ROM and hard drive (located in FWSCSI.6.0)
are detected. I then
type in BO P0, P0 being the 'path' for the CD-ROM drive, to boot from the CD.
The system appears to 
begin the install process but then the screen goes black. After a minute what
appears to be a screen 
dump of some kind appears onscreen. There is no further action that takes place,
and the only recourse 
I have is to reboot the system.

I have also simply inserted the CD and booted up the system, with the results
being the same as those 
listed above. Has anyone seen this problem and been able to overcome it? Thanks.

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