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Re: Installation Options

On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 05:42:28PM +0200, Thibaut VARENE wrote:
> http://www.pateam.org/doc.html

I don't think the documentation there answers the question.

> Le 26 oct. 04, à 17:11, Kaplan, Andrew H. a écrit :
> >I have a Visualize B132L system with an internal tape drive but no 
> >CD-ROM. I
> >would like to install Woody onto the system and I wanted to
> >get some feedback on what the best approach would be to accomplish 
> >this. I have
> >an external CD-ROM drive which can be connected via
> >the parallel port, but I am not sure how to configure PALO to 
> >recognize it as a
> >bootable source. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

I don't think PDC ever understood about parallel port CD-ROMs.  So you
will have to boot your system some other way.  The Boot howto doesn't
mention tape (I suppose I could try this out sometime since I have a
725 with a DAT drive ...), so I think a netboot is probably the best
way for you to go.

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