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Re: buildd failure for hppa - floating point encoding?

On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 01:19:29PM +0100, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> >Per the responses on the debian-ia64 list, I believe PA-RISC uses the
> >IEEE big-endian format.
> Ahh, cool.  Do you happen to know what identifier would be defined for a 
> PA-RISC machine (I assume this is the same as hppa - I'm sorry to admit I 
> really don't know much about that stuff).

GCC predefines __hppa__

> Ie, if I were to use:
> #if 
> defined(MIPSEL)||defined(IBMPC)||defined(alphaosf)||defined(alphavmsI)||defined(posixSHELLalphaI)||defined(something_for_hppa)
> #  define FP2cpu
> #endif

Those are all little-endian except hppa ;-)

> to get it to know that a hppa machine uses that same encoding.  What would 
> something_for_hppa be?
> Or would it be the same or better to say, earlier:
> #    if defined(i386) || defined(__ia64__) || defined(something_for_hppa)
> #      define IBMPC
> I guess the latter is better if hppa is the same as IBMPC in ways other 
> than the floating point encoding.

I wouldn't do that ...

I'm sure GNU configure has better ways to do all this kind of magic
detection.  Maybe upstream would consider it for future releases.

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