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Re: Linux and HP C3000/750

David, you'll probably have better luck posting to the debian-hppa
mailing list.

I'm not sure if anybody has tested a USB install, but a serial-console
install should work fine. afaik you cannot use PS2 keyboards on the c3k.


In reference to a message from David Anthony Roberts, dated Oct 18:
> Hello,
> This may be a long shot but could you help me out.  Im curently trying to 
> install debian on a spare C3000 to use for monte carlo modelling.  However 
> at the install prompt (the blue screen that you need to click continue on) 
> the keyboard appears to stop working!  I am not an expert at linux (ive 
> dabbled in several pc based versions, redhat, solaris etc).
> Did you come across this problem when installing it on your hp c3000 
> machine.  I thought it may be that usb drivers are not installed when the 
> installation program runs?  Can I emualte a ps2 keyboard by changing 
> settings in the bios (can you change settings in the bios on these 
> machines?)
> Hope you can help
> David Roberts
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