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Re: hpux asm vs GNU as

Bill Allombert wrote:


Apparenlty GNU as do not like the addil line below:

       addil   lt'overflow,%r19,%r1
       add     %arg0,%arg1,%ret0
       ldw     rt'overflow(%r1),%r20
       addc    0,0,%r22
       stw     %r22,0(%r20)

Look like it expext only 2 arguments and get three...

mmm in parisc2.0.pdf show format: addil i,r,r1 and the desciption said: ... and placed in GR1. So the target is always GR1 i.e. %r1. I am not a asm expert but I trust that you can remove ',%r1'. What do you think Randolph?


PS: I also reach to compile (nearly straight forward) the X11,r6.6 ngle hp driver :)

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