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No 2.6 kernel on 735/125 ??

Hi all,

when I try to use a kernel > 2.4 (2.6.x from PA-RISC Linux or from the
Debian repository) the boot hangs at the moment the system is switching
to the framebuffer.
The only message I could hardly read befor the screen goes completly
blue is the "if this is the last message you can read.." concerning the
graphic console and the serial console.
But I think this could not be the problem, because with 2.4.27-pa4
everything is OK and there is no HD-activity after the screen turning
I've got CRX24 graphics in that box.

Any clues what could be wrong? Has the fb-driver in the 2.6 kernel
changed so it doesn't support these old boxes anymore?


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