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Re: apt-get upgrade problem (libgstreamer0.8-0)

> Oh sorry, I wanted to mean that I have 'testing' (and not unstable)
Don't worry ;)

> Anyway, it is supposed to work, isn't it?
> I also have a B2000 but running 2.4.21
The weird is that I couldn't reproduce on my testing deb install (1 b180
runing 2.6.5 and an another b180 runing an older 2.4.20). I also test on
my b2k (unstable and a 2.4.27 of my merge), gst-register-0.8 works fine
on all those config but none are yours :(

umm may be a  'strace gst-register-0.8' would help to show where it lock?

btw just in case it would be kernel related you could always try to upgrade
your kernel-image (2.4.26 iirc)


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