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Re: 715/75 that is suffering from trap (LPMC) 5

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 10:42:09AM +0100, Stuart Rowan wrote:
> (Also posted to parisc-linux@lists.parisc-linux.org -- as yet no
> replies)
> Hi all,
> Can any of you tell me how to fix my machine so trap 5 is no longer
> encountered, I'm a bit stumped. I am hoping this isn't terminal but
> begin to suspect that it is. Does anyone know what trap/LPMC 5 actually
> means?
> I'd like to upgrade the firmware but the firmware updater bombs out with
> a similar error:
> UNEXPECTED TRAP #5 (Low Priority Machine Check)
> so that's not possible either but at least consistent with Linux.
> I've tried removing and swapping memory but that has not changed things
> (below log is with 16 MB although there can be up to 96 MB in the
> machine).
> As a further mystery the front of the case says that the machine is a
> "Hewlett Packard Apollo Model 715/33" which conflicts slightly with the
> PDC thinking it is a 715/75
> All suggestions welcome!

You box should *not* be having LPMC's, from the look of the trap dump
it's faulting in the kernel. I have tested 715/33's with all types of
kernels and found no problems. Are you sure your memory is okay?

Can you please try booting a newer kernel? I would like to see what
happens when you boot a 2.6 kernel.


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