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RE: Disaster strikes

Hello James,

Sorry for late answer but I was worry about the new Randolph patch for the
N4k discontigous mm :-$

> Thanks Thibaut, I guess I will keep an eye out for a fix but until then
> will do what you suggest.

umm Thibaut seems to confirm the same pb I mentioned :)
and you could try it's tips but iirc it will not works (device busy :( )

Any way you have right: I forgot a lot of details.

For my part it was a external disk which I can mount on another parisc-linux
box to re-install previous initscript dpkg; then reboot, update patch the
kernel (sorry I don't have enough time to check if 2.4 included the willy's
patch) and re-install new initscript dpkg. (and last reboot to check the
patch efficiency :) )

OTC if it's an internal disk, it would be more helpfull to reboot from your
install cd and from the install menu launch a shell
(if you need you can have a look at <http://lists.debian.org/debian-hppa/2004/06/msg00017.html>
where I explain in detail howto).
at this place create a /MNT dir on wish you can mount your root fs (mount
/dev/sda2 /MNT)

edit your /MNT/etc/init.d/checkroot.sh (pay attention vi doesn't exist on
your cd ramdisk but well nano :) )
and apply the tips I mentioned here <http://lists.debian.org/debian-hppa/2004/03/msg00070.html>
(in essence insert '-t $roottype' in all mount cmd).

Here you would be able to reboot on your hd to update your kernel.

pff... less trivial then I remember, once again apologies but it was so
far ;)
That said if something is not yet clear don't hesitate to come back :)


PS: I was surprised that you were able to run a smp kernel on a N model,
hoppefully only one cpu exists or is configured :).

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