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Re: user question: graphics/tty mode access

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 10:20:57AM +0200, Klaus Buchholzer wrote:
> hi all,
> I need hints for buying a monitor for parisc boxes.
> i have several parisc boxes with both hpux (10.20,11,11i) and linux (2.4.x).
> (712/100, 715/100, C360, C3600). I use them all in console mode (ttyS0).
> Never even made mind about attaching a monitor directly (most time using X).
> Additionally I have different fx-PCI cards around for plugging into the C360
> and C3600 boxes.

Please read the following two URLs:

> I connected my LCD flatscreen (LG 575LE) to the vga socket tried to sync the
> parisc boxes. But no luck - the monitor couldn't sync and stood grayed.
> Now i look around to find a nice 19'' flatpanel (for parisc and i386 boxes).
> -->> Do you have any do/do-not hints for me. Aim is to get a monitor that
>      syncs and displays the signals from parisc-boxes (and my vanilla i386-pc too)

Any modern multi-sync monitor should work with C3600 and probably
the C360 too.

> What's the technical aspect behind this problem? I'd like to get the point.
> (I read something about 'sync on green')

Older (712/715) use Sync-On-Green.
Search the parisc-linux mailing list at http://lists.parisc-linux.org/
for "sync on green" and "712 monitor". I'd certain this has been
discussed in the past.

> Additionally i have two 360C boxes _without_ RAM around I don't need. They may
> have small (4gig) scsi discs. Other hp hardware (fx-cards) too.
> I like to donate them. Any good place in the web to pin them on a board?

parisc-linux.org mailing list. James Bottomley loves his.


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