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Re: 2.6.5-pa8 completely breaks CONFIG_SND_HARMONY

On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 01:27:32AM +0300, Martin-?ric Racine wrote:
> ...going as far as preventing kernel compilation:
> CC [M]  sound/parisc/harmony.o
> make[3]: *** [sound/parisc/harmony.o] Error 1
> Previously, the ALSA driver would at least compile (though it
> doesn't work), but not anymore.

I fail to see a problem with this. This is in fact a better situation
than a driver that compiles and doesn't work since novices won't have
to figure that out through trial and error.

>  Given how the OSS driver is also broken, it leaves me without sound
> support on this host, which makes using kernel 2.6 somewhat dubvious...

While we certainly didn't intend to break OSS harmony driver, the
poor bugger is in need of some TLC. If you submit patches so harmony
works for you, someone (maybe me if no one else stesp up to the plate)
will commit them to CVS. But I'd rather not since I don't maintain
any systems to test harmony driver.

> I realize that the sound support might not be such a high-priority,
> but I still think that having both drivers in a broken state is unacceptable.

yeah - audio support is definitely a weak in the parisc-linux port.
ad1889 hasn't really ever worked right either (#&@%!ng documentation).
But I'm willing to help anyone who is able to maintain those parts.
(ie questions about DMA/Interrupts/MMIO - not how harmony works
since I have no clue).


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