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Re: how quickly do PA-RISC patches make it to mainstream kernel?

> As such, if nobody working on non-x86 bothers with submitting their diffs to
> Marcello, or only does it once or twice a year, then, yes indeed, 2.4 becomes
> hopelessly forked and out-of-sync and it makes it impossible to use any of the
> common patches on non-x86 development trees of matching major versions.

I think you are mixing up two things -- it's not that we like to fork
the kernel, in fact, willy has been hard at work submitting our 2.6
diffs into the official tree and our diff against upstream is quite
small for 2.6. but there are only half a handful of active parisc kernel
developers, and there's not enough hours to sync two kernel trees and
continue to maintain glibc, gcc, debian packages, ....

so, if you want to help submit 2.4 diffs to marcelo, i'm sure none of
us will complain :-) but you'll probably find that many of the remaining
changes will not apply easily to upstream without significant work.

my 2 cents,
Randolph Chung
Debian GNU/Linux Developer, hppa/ia64 ports

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