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RT 8139 network card

I recently obtained a B132L machine and have installed debian/stable on it.
Everything went smoothly except for my second network card (PCI).

I must add that I can't be certain this is parisc specific, and apologize
for my ignorance--I am running out of ideas (and net cards--the first one
I tried uses a driver that doesn't compile under pa-risc (lance)).

It's a very common card, with the 8139 Realtek chip on it.  It loads and
configures using the 8139too module.

The low-level driver appears to be working as tcpdump indicates that it is
seeing packets fly by, but something is broken somewhere.

It doesn't respond to a ping, for example, even though tcpdump indicates
the card has seen the request.

When told to _send_ a ping, it sends one, and receives a response acc. to
tcpdump.  However, the ping program itself never acknowledges receipt.

The built-in ethernet port works just fine when configured exactly the same
way and hooked into the same private network.

Has anyone here experienced a similar problem?  Is there a list of kernel
drivers somewhere that are known to _not_ work on parisc even though they
may work on other platforms?  Or is there something else I should be


Brett Williams

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