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not having much luck..c180 up for grabs

i am not having much luck finding a network card to work. i have no PCI
cards that fit and the ISA in the EISA slot goes undetected.

if any developer would like this computer its yours for the cost of
shipping. (or pickup in glendale, ca). its heavy and probably won't be
cheap, but i will charge actual shipping and use a recycled box if i can
to cut costs.

c180 with 2.1G hard drive, 4x Plextor cdrom w/caddy (sound cable not
connected) 256M RAM, floppy. i forget which VGA video card is installed
but it supports X. Z buffer on board. your monitor must support one of
the 3 resolutions/frequencies for this card.

if there is interest i will get more details such as monitor frequencies
to you.

jeff duncan

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