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Visualize EG

Hello all,


I installed recently Debian Linux 3.0 on our machine HP PA-RISC C360. 

I could not start unfortunately the X-Windows system, because it is not supported by Fx-4 video card.?!


My question is here:  Must I insert another card (and which??),  in order to start X-Windows-system?


According to Debian HPPA, the Visualize EG should correct to function. 

This card is a 24-bit-video-card, which is recognized in the best way under Linux as "Coral" with HP 715-64,

in the C360 it is not recognized (problems with the GSC bus!?).


The question is whether this card can be supported from the HP Visualize PA-RISC C360 hardware and from Linux Debian 3.0?

Is Visualize EG and Visualize-EG HSC(PCI version) the same card???


On the other hand, I have experienced that it is a problem of the Linux- (Debian) operating-system!? 


If can me help a Visualize EG-card i would order it gladly! 


Thanks for all your assistance,

kind regards, Zlatan




Zlatan Jukic,

Fachhochschule Vorarlberg GmbH

Achstrasse 1

A-6850 Dornbirn

URL:   http://www.fh-vorarlberg.at

email: zlatan.jukic@fh-vorarlberg.ac.at

Phone: ++43 (0)5572 20336 167
Fax: ++43 (0)5572 20336 100



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