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Re: GDB support for hppa

On Fri, 6 Jun 2003 22:56:05 -0600
Grant Grundler <grundler@parisc-linux.org> wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 09:50:54PM -0400, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> > After this release, the next time they don't build, I will drop them
> > and ask ftpmaster for GDB to be removed from the HPPA port unless I've
> > seen some effort to get the hppa-linux port integrated upstream.
> Daniel,
> You'll be amused to hear about four ESIEE hackers have made this
> a summer project of some sort. They asked a bunch of us what would
> be a good hppa project and GDB landed on top with a loud thud.
> I don't know the timeframe, but Thibaut can explain after he
> sleeps off his friday night partying (CET). ;^)

Grant how the hell did you know I had a party last night ? ;)
> My impression was this was a *paid* summer project, 6 weeks or so,
> and they would get graded on it. I think the main goal was to get
> (nearly) everything upstream.

You're mostly right except that we're not actually "paid" (.fr schools do
not pay their students, alas :-), we're graded. We'll get a mark for the
global kgdb/gdb work. The deadline for the"school" part is June 21th, but
that doesn't mean we'll stop working on it then. That just means we have
to have something to show to our examiner by that time ;o)

The main goal was to fix most of the biggest know gdb bugs (that is the
random faults on next/step instructions, eventually try to write
watchpoint stubs) and send the whole stuff upstream. I should get my
copyright assignment signed soon (these school administrative guys are
damn _slow_) so we'll try to submit all patches upstream asap, hopping
there won't be too much trouble in getting the existing stuff upstream.

Regarding bugfixing, we found ourselves more or less stuck at a point
where we do not clearly understand what goes wrong. It seems that the
troubles aren't directly due to gdb itself, but more ptrace related. We'll
need some help there, debugging the (buggy) debugger turns out not to be
an easy task :P
We'll try to get in touch with Carlos and Randolph, maybe they'll be able
to give us some clues.

Anyway, be reassured at least about kgdb. We're making interesting
progress, and we're now able to hook two boxes together and fetch the regs
content. There's great hope there as well. But here again we'll probably
need some kernel gurus' help, cause we have trouble with the thread
debugging stubs. We'll tell you more when needed :)


Thibaut VARENE
The PA/Linux ESIEE Team

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