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SML/NJ Runtime for HPPA

I have a version of the SML/NJ runtime package that compiles on Debian
HPPA. I used one of the HP TestDrive machines to get it. 

The port was pretty straightforward. I made a couple guesses about
sigcontext. Also, I changed a millicode call to $$muloI to $$mulI, 
since the only reference I could find on Google Groups seemed to
suggest that the o in $$muloI stands for optimized for multiplication
by 1 or zero. It seems that as on the TestDrive machines require a
colon after a label, even though the info file claims a colon is not
required on HPPA.

My access to the TestDrive HPPA machine has been spotty, so I wasn't
able to try using this runtime to build the compiler. Is anyone out
there running HPPA interested in helping me check the runtime by
attempting to build the compiler with it?

This would involve:
1. Fetching source package for smlnj-runtime from http://aread.sdf1.org
2. Build and install runtime.
3. Fetch the smlnj source package from http://aread.sdf1.org and
   attempt to build. Note, the orig.tar file is different from the one
   currently in Debian, as it includes a heap image for HPPA.

Note, I do have some restrictions on my bandwidth, so please download
the rather large source package only after a successful build on the
runtime, and intend to help me out...Thanks

Aaron Matthew Read <amread@nyx.net> http://www.nyx.net/~amread
1024D/67A9728A: B9DE 635A 86D8 5EF5 0619  B5BB 9B81 E080 67A9 728A

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