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Re: WARNING! Stack pointer and cr30 do not correspond!

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> > > What kernel, where did you get it?
> > 
> > Last I checked, this is the _debian_ list, so I used kernel-source-2.4.19-hppa
> > which is the latest source package available using APT.
> Just wanted to ask :) The repeating crash you are seeing was a bug in
> the trap handler that I fixed some while ago. It should not have
> happened in 2.4.19.
> Would you be willing to rebuild your kernel by hand from the CVS
> parisc-linux kernel and test again? Pretty please :)
> http://www.parisc-linux.org/kernel/index.html

<root@zarya:/usr/src/linux># dpkg -i
Selecting previously deselected package kernel-image-2.4.20-pa32.
(Reading database ... 54447 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking kernel-image-2.4.20-pa32 (from
.../kernel-image-2.4.20-pa32_2.4.20.carlos.1_hppa.deb) ...
Setting up kernel-image-2.4.20-pa32 (2.4.20.carlos.1) ...
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
This is similar to a message I got on the 2.4.19, except that it was complaining
about those unresolved symbols for ppp_deflate.

Anyhow, about the CVS kernel:

I get a stack dump, right after INIT (2.84) starts.  I'll be happy to mail the
info to you, if you tell me how to have the kernel dump that info to some file.

Martin-Éric Racine

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