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HP C180-XP CDROM boot.

I just "inherited" three HP Visualize C180-XP PA-RISC machines.  I would
like to install the Debian 3.0 distribution.  I have burned the hppa disk1
iso.  I want to do a "minimal" install from this disk, then do the rest
via the net.  I've done "tons" of i386 Debian installs, parisc is new to
me, however.

I can get into the boot_admin screens fine.  My problem is that when I
insert the Debian installation disk and do the "search" or "search ipl" or
"search scsi" I'm not coming up with the scsi CDROM as a bootable device.
The only scsi device that comes up as bootable is the scsi harddrive.
While doing the search command, the CDROM LED flashes, so I believe the
system is probing the hardware.  I've tried this search on two of the
three machines with the same result.

I'm wondering if there might be some kind of hardware jumper setting that
will let the CDROM show up as a bootable device?

These machines don't have floppies, so I'm dead if I can't get the CDROM
to boot.

Documents read:

  PA-RISC/Linux Boot HowTo
  Readme: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 r0 "Woody" - Official hppa Binary-1 CD
  HP C180 Owners Guide
  Installing Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 for PA-RISC, Perens, et. al.

These documents either don't address the issue of making the CDROM
bootable, or they assume the CDROM is bootable and say nothing more.  I
mean "make" in the sense that on Intel machines, you go to the BIOS and
set the boot sequence, and yer done!



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