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HIL keyboard and mouse on 715

Hi all,

I'm also trying to get the HIL mouse and keyboard working under X on a 715/33 box. I have learned on this list that I'm not the only one getting trouble about that. As stated in a previous thread, I tried a more recent kernel (post 2.4.18-pa45) than the one included in Debian Woody. Here is what I did:

- download a kernel from ftp.parisc-linux.org/kernels/32/
(I tried 32-2.4.20-pa27 and 32-2.4.20-pa32).
- decompress it in /boot
- change the link 'vmlinux' to point to the new kernel
- reboot

The box boots up, but when it mounts the file system, it complains about the 'orphan inodes chain' being corrupted. If I run fsck, the kernel crashes while processing.
Did I made a mistake somewhere?
Should I use another kernel?

The original Woody kernel, after running fsck, allows the box to go back in a working state (in console mode).

Thanks for any advice.


ROTH,RALPH (HP-Germany,ex1) a écrit:

Is there a good cockbook out there esp. for KDE2/keyb/mouse on s712, s720,
s715 boxes???

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