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Re: C3000 FX4 FB Support

> I am considering purchasing a C3000 from Ebay, but I'd like to be sure
> that I can get an accelerated fb driver before I do.  On the
> parisc-linux.org website "supported hardware" link, there is a mention of
> issues with the C3000 and J5000.  Can anyone tell me or point me towards
> where I can find an updated status for the FX4 fb support?

the parisc-linux list is a better place to ask these kinds of questions,
but in any case, FX4 is *NOT* supported :-( a lot of us would like to
see this working, but unfortunately the documentation for FX4 are not
available publically, so it is near impossible to write a driver for it.

The only (?) Visualize support we have right now are on the PCI Vis-EG

OTOH, the c3k is a very nice machine, and it runs palinux quite well in

Randolph Chung
Debian GNU/Linux Developer, hppa/ia64 ports

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