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Re: how to install or boot hppa over my local network ?

 --- MarquiS <marquis-@gmx.net> a écrit : > hi all

Votre Altesse,

> *sorry my english is very bad*

and what about yuor french, because my english ...

> - i have a hp 712 with no floppy or cdrom

me too

> - the install-cdrom from hppa is in my cdrom drive
> on my PC thats running windows2000
> - with bootp,nfs,tftp server
> (http://home.t-online.de/home/hanewin/d-dhcp.htm)

I have a debian linux 3.0 on my PC

I've installed bootp, tftp.

712 looks for /tftpboot/tftpboot.img on his
bootserver. It has to be a valid 'lifimage'. 

There are a kernel and a ramdisk in the lifimage. It
has to start and download and configure the system
over the net.

I didn'nt win yet this challenge -  I have now other

My 712 download the lifimage and hungs up on the 'the
language choice' (or something like this) menu.

I can give you details of tftp and bootp linux's
config if you wish.

I'm also interessed in your experiance - I have to
return to this task

Good luck


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