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Re: Bug#170507: xfree86: FTBFS on hppa: 'SHMBLA' undeclared

On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 09:12:40PM +0900, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi wrote:
>  SHMLBA is defined in /usr/include/bits/shm.h as:
> /* Segment low boundary address multiple.  */
> #define SHMLBA          (__getpagesize ())
> extern int __getpagesize (void) __THROW __attribute__ ((__const__));
>  But on hppa these defines are missing.
>  I can not find these defines anywhere on the hppa environment.
>  Is this glibc's bug on hppa environment?

Yes.  It should be:

include/asm-parisc/shmparam.h:#define SHMLBA 0x00400000   /* attach addr needs to be 4 Mb aligned */

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