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Re: Install problem

Waldek Hebisch wrote:
> I am samewhat confused what firmware version I have, the 
> machine writes:
> Processor revision 2.2
> BootRom Version 1.5
> The latest firmware for 712/60 that I have found is 2.3. So I am 
> not sure if I need update (the instruction says that I should not 
> upgrade from 2.2).

sorry - I'm not sure - but I *think* you have 2.2.

> However the instruction says to boot from a tape. I do not have 
> a HP-compatible tape drive. Can I use a CD or preferably a hard drive?

yes - just dd the update LIF to a spare HD and "boot" from that.
You can also "boot" the update image via bootp/dhcp.
(boot Howto should explain how to setup net dhcp).


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