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Re: gcc: Internal compiler error during automatic build of synergy on sarti

> Testing with:
> g++-3.2               3.2.1-0pre3           The GNU C++ compiler.
> binutils             The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities.
> libstdc++5            3.2.1-0pre3           The GNU stdc++ library version 3
> libc6                 2.2.5-14.3            GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone data
> No compiler ICE'ing :)

Does this mean this `internal compiler error' doesn't occur with
gcc/g++ 3.2 on hppa?

In the meantime I tried to compile it on sarti.debian.org myself.
On sarti.debian.org, gcc/g++ 3.0.4-7 is installed. The
`internal compiler error' occurs.

So I will probably build-depend on g++-3.2.

> In synergy-0.9.12/lib/base/CLog.h, the following is defined:
> Since CHTTPProtocol.cpp plans on including stdsstream, you cannot
> define 'log' to be something arbitrary without causing havok with
> mathcalls.h (logarithm).

Thanks a lot for analyzing this.

I notified the upstream author about this error. I also created
a new revision, 0.9.12-2, which solves the problem by changing
the inclusion order of the affected include files. The
source package will soon be available in the debian archive. It
is also available at


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