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woody won't boot on 735


New to the group. Hope you can help me before I pull out what is left of my hair.

I have an HP 735/125. Just got the Woody release on CDs. I can boot off of the CD fine, the entire installation process seems to go well, but when I finally try to boot off of my newly installed system, it only gets as far as:

"Attempting to load IPL.

Hard booted."

And there it sits forever. I have gone through the entire install procedure twice. I know I have a boot partition. i suspect that PALO is somehow involved here, and although I have read through many web pages about PALO, I am no closer to knowing what to do.

If I interrupt the boot process and go into ADMIN mode, I don't see the kind of choices that some of the PALO web pages seem to think I should.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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