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moritz is subscribed?

Sorry...I'd thought I'd be able to spare debian-hppa kernel
discussion but my reply to moritz has mail problems that
I don't know how to fix.


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moritz@sinnhq.de wrote:
> hi,

This is a kernel question. I'm replying to a different list.

> i'd like to connect some big ide disks to my hp c240, which is running
> with debian gnu/linux.i tried an ultra ata ide controller from digitus.
> but when i load the module, the system crashes after detecting the
> controller.

Can you post details of the crash?
Console output?
kernel version?
maybe collect "ser pim" output from "boot_admin>" as well.

> i think that
> this is because of the lower voltage in the hp machines compared with an
> pc. but an standard pci network card works without problems.
> so does someone now an ide controller which works?

This has nothing to do with the voltage.
If the card fits, the voltage is OK.


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