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C200 Voodoo2 Progress Report

I have gotten my C200 back online and started some preliminary
work with the Voodoo2 PCI card. I currently have it plugged into
one of the 5V/32bit slots which may or may not be optimal.


1. Linux Kernel 2.4.19-pa2 sstfb Voodoo1/2 framebuffer

 Well, the kernel compiled with the sstfb without
 any errors. When I booted I got a black and white
 checkerboard pattern on the Voodoo2 monitor. I had
 disabled the stifb console, thinking that the kernel
 might pick the sstfb for a console, but it didn't.
 Just blankness for a while, then a checkerboard

 I think this is encouraging and I think it is working.
 I'm currently recompiling and will post some more news
 later as I experiment some more with it. Next I will
 try and put a console on the sstfb or even try running
 X on it.

2. glide3-alpha-0.cvs.20010711

 This is the Debian source for Glide3 on the Alpha arch,
 which is also big-endian. Initial compilation failed in
 multiple places about missing sys/io.h which I have
 located a file of that name in /usr/include/asm. I'll
 see if I can figure out how best to correct this and try

- Doug

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