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Re: GNOME 1.4

[Headers changed, as the Gnome port for HPPA doesn't concern kernel hacking]

On Thu, 29 Aug 2002 alaskan@telusplanet.net wrote:

> I finally got GNOME 1.4 working on a 712/60, after many tries and a
> newer ISO image of palinux-2.4.18-pa60-20020802-netinst.iso.
> Its pretty, but slow .   .  . .

That should be expected.  Neither Gnome or KDE is reasonable in their resource
usage, on any platform.  Try the exact same packages on, say, a 90MHz Pentium
and witness the same sluggishness.

If you really need native Gnome support in your window manager, try using
icewm-gnome instead of the full gnome-session.  You'll notice the diffrence.

Martin-Éric Racine, Espoo, Finland.
"Kas sa tahad mind? - Nej!!! Är du en idiot?!!"

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