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Re: broken A1094-66541 PCBA Switch on 735/99 ?

please check the following:

are the fans cleaned from dust?
when the fans do not spin up and the voltage gets stuck in the fans, the
HP somehow "monitors" the power circuitry and won't start.if you clean the fans or remove their power sticks, the machine will boot.

i explained the "many many pushes" of the power switch the following way
you try starting a defunct car by igniting it many times in a short time
period to make it go.
hope it helps, don't buy the pcb switch, first clean the fans or unplug
them temporarily ;-)
in my case, the pcb switch was okay.

bye, alex

> Hi Alexander,
> I've got an HP 9000 - 735/99 and few days ago I run into a problem like
>  the one you experienced in the month of May.
>> ...
>> the button must be pushed and tricked more than 5 times (QUICKLY) to
>> turn the
>> machine on (led's blink only for a second when you push the button
>> once). ...
> After some days of searching on the Internet I found your two messages
> on  the parisc-linux mailing list. From these messages it seems that
> the cause  of the problem was the broken A1094-66541 power switch, but
> I'm not sure  that I've interpreted them right, because in the messages
> you are talking  about a broken fan's motor too.
> So, my question is: Can you confirm that the cause of the above
> described  problem was the broken power switch? Can you give me some
> other helpful  information?
> Thank you.
> enzo

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