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HP 715/50 for free

Well, I have decided that my time will be better spent on Intel/AMD based systems and am therefore offering my parisc to whoever wants it for free (plus, I need the space).  I put debian on it, but never messed with it much.  Contact me and we'll agree on a time when you can come over and get it (Connecticut).  I ain't shipping it anywhere.  It works good, and I have the HPUX 10.20 CD's, too, if you want them.
256 meg (I think)
an internal drive (I'd have to power it up to tell you how big it is, but probably about a gig)
an external 4 gig scsi drive
an internal 3.5" scsi floppy drive
an external scsi cdrom
hp-il keyboard with teeny little hp-il box
hp-il mouse
big ole a2094a monitor
The clock battery is about dead, so you'll have to set the clock, but it will keep a charge for a while and if you don't shut it down much, you'll be fine.
I'll even throw in the bnc to rj-45 transceiver.

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