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Re: installing on a HP 712/60

> Hello,
> I have a HP 712/60 and want to install Debian on it.
> Now I have a few problems:
> 1. I would like to do this over serial console, but I'm not able to set
> console to serial because I don't have the 'consvar'-program. Why not?
> 2. Can I install over 1.44 floppy? If yes, how? How can I set the boot
> to floppy?
> 3. How can I get the macaddr for installing over network?
> bye
>  mejo

1. Where is my serial? 

AFAIR, the 712/60 has no console/keyboard -> serial option
(unlike the 715/50 and 33's)

So you won't see anything until you are booting the kernel
and it begins to write to the serial console.

2. If your 712/60 has a floppy drive then you can use the 
   woody boot floppies for HPPA. Again you will need to get
   into the boot console with a monitor to _see_ if the machine
   is happy and recognizing your boot floppy.

3. Need to get access to boot console, from there you hit escape
   and type lan_addr (my memory is bad... do not trust ;)

Kenneth's email has a good link! ;)
So I'll reiterate:


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