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need 1.44mb bootdisk images for hppa


i need the downloadlink for the "HPPA" Debian Version - 1.44 MB BootDisk Images 

at ftp.debian.org/....   i can only find the 2.88 MB BootDiskImages !!!

can everybody tell me where i can get the files ???

or why is the iso-image for hppa not bootable ??? or can i make with the 2.88 MB boot image file(s)
a boot part and the data with the iso - image file ???

if, can you tell me how ???




Dennis Schneck

e-Mail: schneck@bigfoot.de

UMTS 01212-5-105-18-026 (Fax. / Voice)


Attach not bigger than 1,7 MB. Thanks !

Anhaenge nicht grosser als 1,7 MB senden. Danke !

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