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Request for background information on the HPPA project


I am a graduate student at the University of Calgary, and have been
responsible for creating a cluster of HP 715/75s into a working unit.
We have 15 of them attached to a switch, with an Intel front end.
All use Debian, and we have been working at benchmarking the cluster
with the HINT benchmark.

Alas, the HINT results are not what we expected, possibly due to
MPI-related problems.  We will try other codes as well, including a
recently developed random number generator, called "plfg".

I will be giving a talk on our experiences in exactly one month, and
would like to include some background on the porting of Linux to these
machines.  Things like key team members (individuals or groups), when
the project started, problems that were encountered and the solutions
that were devised, what the initial expectations were (time, resources,
etc.) and so on.

Has anyone reading this list any background information that they
are willing to forward to me for use in the presentation?  Naturally,
I'll give credit to those individuals, and particularly the groups that
have made the whole thing possible.  I have considerable respect for
the contributions that people have made;  it is much more than I could
have managed.

I look forward to hearing from you.



				Dean Provins 
		dprovins@ucalgary.ca,  provinsd@telusplanet.net
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