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Re: Network install on 712/80

On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 03:17:25AM +0000, Will Newton wrote:
> I just installed Woody on a HP 712/80.
> I noticed a few things:
>  - PALO needs a f0 type partition to boot from. The note does not reccomend a 
>     size for this partition. I use 80Mb thinking it would be like /boot on my 
>     other machines, but it does not seem to be used at all so I imagine I     
>     could have used a lot less.

Which note?  The dialog you get just before partitioning disks says:

  PALO, the PArisc LOader, requires a partition of type 'f0' on the disk
  it is loaded from.  Therefore, if this disk will contain the boot
  loader you must create a partition of type 'f0' of at least 16MB.
  A further important restriction is that the partition you load your
  kernel from must reside within the first 2GB of your disk.  The kernel
  lives in /boot, so you can either keep your root file system within the
  first 2GB, or you can create a small partition and mount it as /boot.

and the install manual says something similar.

The F0 partition is used by palo; there isn't any obvious file system on
it you can access from Linux, but it is used.


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