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Re: Any hppa gurus?

On Thursday 28 Mar 2002 5:24 pm, Carlos O'Donell Jr. wrote:

> 75-75 - Need to check argument type, if float/double it needs to passed
>         via fr4-fr7 else gr23-gr26.
> It's been decided to go with the ~"64-bit HPUX ABI" and stop passing
> floating point values in general registers (since this requires proper CALL
> info and relocating stubs from the linker).
> Which means you can no longer place float/double arguments into general
> register.

I suspected this might be the case.

> What does the av_alist structure look like? If it has a 'type' per
> argument, it it shouldn't be too hard to write the code.

Nope. :)
Is it OK to push the args into fp registers even if they are not fp values 
and I don't need them? I thought maybe I could just load the first four 
values into fr* and gr* and call the routine. Doubles should be OK - they're 
represented as two words in the list.

> Current way it's done:
> No Arguments in general registers:

Hmm, so I don't need to load those anyway.

> And then some old stuff due to 'thinking its doing relocation':
> 2 Doubles with argument in the first 1-2 general
> (gr25,26) register:
> 	- fr7(fr7 hi, fr6 low),Stack...
> 2 Doubles with arugment in the first 3-4 general
> (gr23,24,25,26) registers:
> 	- Stack...

So do I need to load anything into the gr* registers?

BTW can anyone tell me how to load an fp register on hppa with an asm 
statement? I keep getting the constraints wong (tried T and m, Tm etc.).

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