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Re: Firmware Update

* Ralf Hildebrandt (Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de) [020219 10:13]:

> > My 712/80 has firmware 1.9 on it. The latest firmware 2.3 has lots of
> > fixes. Problem: How can I install it WITHOUT a tape.

Out of interest, is there an easy way of getting the firmware version from a
running system rather than from console boot messages?  I have a headless
712/80 without a serial console hooked up.  dmesg shows:

Determining PDC firmware type: Snake.
model 00006010 00000481 00000000 00000000 78056612 00000000 00000004
 00000072 00000072
vers  0000000c
model 9000/712

Anyone know how to decipher those?


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