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Re: Success! apt-sources?

Am 18.02.2002 um 02:23:07 -0700 schrieb Matt Taggart folgendes:
> Christian Suder writes...
> [snip]
> > w/r to the kernel, grab the latest one from ftp.parisc-linux.org/cvs.
> > Hitting enter on everything when doing a make config should give you a
> > working kernel, unless you need to use DHCP in which case you have to
> > enable socket filtering (I learned it the hard way...).
> btw CONFIG_FILTER was recently added to defconfig and the other kernel
> config files. Kernels on the ftp site and the kernel-images packages
> should have the change soon(if they don't already).

The reason why I'm so eager to get another kernel is ext3.
Or am I out of my mind and it's not going to work anyway?

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