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Re: Success! apt-sources?

Am 18.02.2002 um 00:22:37 -0800 schrieb Christian Suder folgendes:

> Here's my sources.list...

I'll try that. I found that our local mirror doesn't have hppa. Lamers

> Note that I like to live dangerously and this is bleeding edge, and every
> once in a while I bleed... ;-) E.g. the current libc has a couple of
> issues, and I had to downgrade to 2.2.4. You might want to replace
> "unstable with "testing".

That's what I had in mind. unstable is OK on x86, but not on HPPA, at
least not now.

> w/r to the kernel, grab the latest one from ftp.parisc-linux.org/cvs.
> Hitting enter on everything when doing a make config should give you a
> working kernel, unless you need to use DHCP in which case you have to
> enable socket filtering (I learned it the hard way...). Be prepared for 1+
> hour compiler runs. If you have a fast PC around it is defintively worth
> to go the cross-compile route. 


> PS: 1989 lief in der Charite noch eine Maschine mit Ringkernspeicher...
> und jetzt im Internet ! ;-)  

We're so advanced :)
The idiots who threw away the antiques should be shot. We could have
made millions on ebay, man.

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