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Re: Request help (gdb cross debugger) Where is the latest best hppa1.1-unknown-linux-gnu source code for gdb?

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Hi there, thanks for the timely help!

Could you possibly guide me through the process of applying
these patches? I never know whether to use "patch -p0", "p1",
actually I really don't understand patch or diff other than I have
used it with explicit instructions.

I have:


and your patch which I have named "hppat.diff"

Normally, I would do:

# cp gdb_5.1.orig.tar.gz gdb_5.1-1.diff.gz hppat.diff /usr/src/tmp
# cd /usr/src/tmp
# gzip -d gdb_5.1-1.diff.gz
# tar -zxvf gdb_5.1.orig.tar.gz
# cd gdb-5.1/
# patch -p??? < ../gdb_5.1-1.diff
# patch -p??? < ../hppat.diff

Please help me out here. My time is limited and I would appreciate
getting it right the first time. I'm not a full Debian developer but am
trying to help out with my spare time.


Randolph Chung wrote:
Problem: gdb-5.1.1 doesn't configure, gives the following
error message:
checking for X... no
configure: error: *** Gdb does not support host
Configure in /usr/src/gdb-5.1.1/build/gdb failed, exiting.

what you do is you look in the Debian bts (http://bugs.debian.org/gdb)
and voila, there's a patch that fixes this exact problem.

How in the heck can you make a Debian release if you don't even have
a debugger :-) Like, uh, whats the deal eh? Are you guys debugging with
the force again ?? You should not do that until you are full Jedi Kung-Foo
masters, lest you be taken by the dark side..


on a more serious note, drow, any word on new gdb packages? :-)


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