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Re: Problem running GNOME programs

The latest "unstable" update of (I assume) libc did break a lot of things, gnome being one of them. A couple of applications that used to work stopped working after apt-get update/upgrade. What version is your libc ? If it is 2.2.5 you have the same problem. I hope a fixed gnome-core will be out soon,


At 09:16 PM 2/5/2002 +0100, Manfred Metzger wrote:

After installing Debian Woody on one of my my HP 712/60's i can't run any
GNOME programs.
X11 dies immediately, gdm still runs, startx also does not work.
X11 opens it's root window ... and closes it.
I didn't find any relevant error-messages in /var/log/*
I can start X11 by typing X at the shell-prompt and can run other X11
programs by typing '<command> -display :0'.

Thanks for any hints.


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