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Re: [parisc-linux] octave2.1_2.1.35-6_hppa

> > Honestly I have no idea what the difference between ELF-64 and PA-RISC-2
> > is. Are both 64 bit?

PA-RISC-2 describes the machine architecture.  ELF-64 describes one of the
object file format that is use on PA-RISC-2 machines.  The SOM object
file format is used for 32-bit objects.  As Grant noted, SOM objects
support architectures from PA-RISC 1.0 onward.  However, a 2.0 object
will not work on a 1.1 machine.

The object file format zoo is even worse than described above.  The debug
formats used by gcc differ from those used by HP compilers.

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