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a buddy pointed me to the debian build archive,
because I had problems building a 64-bit octave executable
on AP-RISC-2 HP-UX-11.11.
I used the gcc-3.0.2 which was a 
 /usr/local/bin/gcc:     ELF-64 executable object file - PA-RISC 2.0
and it also produced such code. Unfortunately the octave builds,
but fails immediately by trivial operations.
I am also a little be astonished about the different object files
on PA-Risc. There are 
/usr/local/bin/perl:    PA-RISC1.1 shared executable dynamically linked
-not stripped
as well as "PA-RISC2" executables.
Honestly I have no idea what the difference between ELF-64 and PA-RISC-2
Are both 64 bit.

Finally I found the debian archive for octave. So my question is:

Do you build this octave for 
o linux on PA-Risc or also for
o HP-UX-11.11 ????

Is it finally 64 bit? and how did you build it.

I would appreciate any comments to my open questions.

thanks, daniel

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