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Re: no disks are detected on a 735/99

"geezer" wrote:
> I had that same kind of thing with my 715/50 except that the scsi.6 disk
> (with HP-UX installed on it) was read-only and therefore I couldn't
> partition it with cfdisk.  I could re-install HP-UX any time on it, though.

Something must be confusing you. I've *never* seen a disk have the WP
(write protect) jumper set *and* be able to install HPUX on it.
WP jumper is the only way I know a SCSI disk can be Read-Only
across reboot's.

> I think I remember that I once had a tape somewhere with diagnostic software
> that allowed you to boot (the tape) and could then turn off read-only on the
> disk devices, but it's long gone.  If that's not it, I don't have a clue.

That must predate SCSI.
HP has sold enough unix boxes with other mass storage (eg FL, HPIB).


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