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Re: Instalation problems on 712/80

I got the same error on my 715/100 but it was because of a bad (too long?) external SCSI cable.

A new cable fixed the issue.   I'd check the cable first, if you are using one.

At 04:13 PM 1/16/2002 -0300, you wrote:


        Im having these errors:

scsi0 (1:0), UNEXPECTED PHASE after command phase (CD BSY REQ CMD_OUT)
        les = 6, cmd =0x28 00 00 3c 18 42 00 00 36 00
scsi0: Bus Reset detected, executing command 104db800, slot 000108bc, dsp 004e8210[0210]

 failing command because of reset, slot 000108bc, cmnd 104db800

These errors are when accesing the hard disk.

The firmware is up to date.

It seems to me that the problem is a kernel issue.

The palinux 0.9.2 was installed without this kind of kernel errors.

Carlos Barros.

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