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Help getting xf86 cfg file for a HP PA 9000/J210XC running debian hppa Linux

Hello Guys,

I'm close to have success running XFree86 4.1.0 that
comes with HPPA GNU/Linux 0.9.3 but I'm still
receiving a "parameter error" message.

I'm sending you this message to ask for your help
getting to run XFree86 on a HP 9000 J210XC workstation
running the latest version of debian GNU/Linux.

I have a debian pa-risc GNU/Linux 0.9.3 running on my
system, everything seems that it's working fine but
XFree86 X server. After several hours invested in this
past holiday season I haven't had luck getting this
guy to start running.

I had a partial success in my XF86Config file, I'm
using the frame buffer driver or "fbdev" and it seems
that it's working because I receive infomrational
messages from the driver itself: video ram 2MB, etc,
but it terminates quickly saying that there is a
"parameter error". It seems that there is something
specified in the file that it doesn't like it. 

I would like you to share with me, if you don't mind,
your XF86Config file or maybe pointing me to the right
place so I can find what I need to state in my xf86
cfg file to start the X server on this system.

I've been using GNU/Linux since some years ago mostly
on x86 platforms with incremental success and some GNU
SW on Sun Solaris. Currently I have a RedHat 7.1
system running at home with the latest versions of
available programs and I'd like to replicate the same
in this system that I just got.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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