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Re: Upgrading 715/100 Firmware

Bill Ferguson wrote:
> I know this has been asked a zillion times but bear with me.  I'm pretty 
> new to Linux, but familar with many other operating systems.
> I've got debian 0.9.3 installed on a 715/100.  Seems to work pretty well.
> My question relates to getting the firmware to a "scratch disk"  which 
> Grant speaks of in the archives (in my case sda1 set to type F0).  sdb1, 
> sdb2, sdb3, sdb4 are the disks where the Linux install resides.

"scratch disk" means the whole *disk*. PDC loader doesn't know anything
about partitions.  ie if /dev/sda is "scratch", then use
	dd if=c7x50016.frm of=/dev/sda bs=2k

(Note: bs parameter doesn't do anything since the disk is 512 sectors
no matter what we specify....just a good reminder in case we use different

> I've tried booting from bootp, cdrom, tape, and now scratch disk and I 
> can't get the LIF image to work.

*sigh*. bootp, tape, and disk definitely work - I've done all three.
Are you *sure* it's a LIF image you are playing with?
"lifls C7X50016.frm" under HPUX will display the LIF contents.

Can you compare md5sum output?
	grundler <511>md5sum *.frm
	4d7dc913c507eda18c34e8af29352086  C7X50016.frm

(This is from ftp://ftp.parisc-linux.org/kernels/715/C7X50016.frm)


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