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Re: New ISO-Image for HPPA

On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 03:56:11PM +0100, jheumann@fonts.de wrote:
> i have found in http://ftp.parisc-linux.org/cd-images/ a file named 
> palinux-0.9.3-rc5.iso . this iso image is a debain 3.0 for parisc. why 
> is no message on the website? can i use this image?

It hasn't been announced because it is just a release candidate (rc),
and not a formal release.  I expect to regenerate it with better
kernels, and maybe a few more .debs.  Some of the debs that are on there
will be replaced with newer versions as well.  I know the 32 bit kernel
on it doesn't work on b2000 and c3000, which is why we intend to


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